Dog Walking Tips of the Trade!

Dog Walking Tips of the Trade! As Boston's premiere dog walking service (serving Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, Roxbury, West Roxbury, Brookline & Roslindale predominantly), it's incumbent upon us to ensure your dogs safety, while also providing for a fun and engaging environment during dog walks! Here are some quick tips to make...

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming At Paws to Consider we don't offer grooming, but we can always walk your dog to the local groomer for you! So is grooming worth the money? Well there are plenty of things to consider – how clean or ‘presentable’ you want your dog to be, the breed, how often they walk and on what surfaces, weather, etc. Most people can...

Dog Beds

Dog Beds Our dogs all have a home within our home. At Paws to Consider that's often exactly where we find our dogs when we open the door for their daily dog walk! They have dog beds and crates that they’re comfortable and happy in. They feel safe going to their dog houses when they’re in trouble, when there are storms, when they’re...

Dog Walking Tips For All

Dog Walking Tips For All Whether you just adopted your first dog, or you are an experienced dog walker, there are many ways to ensure your dog gets both a safe and stimulating walk! Dog walking is an important aspect to maintaining a healthy dog, so make sure you keep your pup on a reliable walk schedule (or hire a...

Dog Water Safety

Dog Water Safety Paws to Consider does daily dog walks in Jamaica Plain, Brookline and West Roxbury, and it's not often that our dogs get to cool off during the summer months in a pond, lake or pool. Beigli (pronounced Bay-Glee) had the opportunity to jump in the some water to cool off on a hot day this week (shown in the above...

Dog Barking and Dog Walking

Dog Barking and Dog Walking At Paws to Consider our dog walkers work with 6-8 dogs every day from all over Boston (Jamaica Plain, Brookline, West Roxbury, Roxbury, Roslindale, and Mission Hill) and communication with each dog is important in building the dog-dog walker bond! Each dog has a unique voice, but there are many...

Pack Walks

Pack Walks Pack walks are springing up all over Jamaica Plain and they have become a great way for your dog to meet new dogs in a safe environment! Paws to Consider has been advocating for the benefits dogs receive during pack walks for some time now and find that it makes for a far more rewarding dog walking experience! Here are 5...

Our Pets and Their Diets

Our Pets and Their Diets Meals, treats, and table scraps often amount to some of our dogs favorite parts of the day! However to much food can lead to an unhealthy dog, and an unhealthy dog leads to an unhappy dog. Arthritis, diabetes, and shorter life spans are all linked to obesity in dogs and some statistics show that about 50% of...

Safe Summer Dog Walking

Safe Summer Dog Walking As the weather starts to heat up and we make our way into the heat of summer, it's important to plan your walks carefully! The streets of Boston can get quite toasty... often times in ways that may be unnoticeable to humans, so it's key to monitor your dog to keep him/her safe. Here are a few tips: Bring...

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need? The age of your dog is the first factor to be considered when determining how much exercise he/she may need! Puppies will obviously need the most exercise while senior dogs will need the least. Paws to Conisder handles dogs of all ages in and around the Jamaica Plain/West Roxbury area, and always...

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