Dog Grooming

At Paws to Consider we don’t offer grooming, but we can always walk your dog to the local groomer for you! So is grooming worth the money? Well there are plenty of things to consider – how clean or ‘presentable’ you want your dog to be, the breed, how often they walk and on what surfaces, weather, etc. Most people can take care of grooming at home in a reasonable amount of time. Most dogs only need a few baths a year, a couple of nail clippings, and a few combings or brushings. Some pets need more than that. Some people don’t have time for it – or the right supplies. Yes, there are dog brand nail clippers, dog brand soaps and conditioners, even special brushes! If you don’t have the time or equipment to do the job right – groomers provide an invaluable service here. Plus, they can brush your pups teethwhile your there!