I’m Sam – a loving chocolate lab with energy to burn. I live in Brookline. Everyday I greet my walker at the door with one of my favorite toys. We have such a great time walking all around for 30 minutes, and I get so excited when I see other dogs to greet and sniff. After our walk, my walker feeds me my lunch!

Sam and Maddison

We are Sam & Madison and we love our PTC walkers! We are pug siblings who have been walked by the PTC walkers for over 10 years. Even though we move a bit more slowly now, we love our daily walks with them down along the Jamaica Pond.


I’m Riley, an adorable little shnoodle. I jump up on our sofa and look out the window waiting for my PTC walker to arrive. When I see her, I spin around in excitement. I can’t wait to go out for my 20 minute walk to explore my neighborhood. I love getting my treat and belly rubs after our walk. Paws To Consider walks me every Monday and Wednesday… I wish they came everyday!

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