At Paws to Consider refreshing your dogs water or providing him/her with a meal or snack is often part of the job! We are happy to offer this as a complementary aspect to any dog walks or pet sitting your require!

So what’s the best dog food? It depends on the dog! This is a tricky question. Different dogs like different flavors and have different dietary needs. These needs might change over time too. Dog Joint Pain goes into one great example of why your dog might need to get plenty of omega 3 which can be given to them in many methods. One easy way of doing this is through premium brands of dog food, which will typically offer more vitamins and real meat rather than wheat or corn substitute. Whatever you do, don’t make abrupt changes to your pets diet as it can make them sick or unhappy. If you want to switch foods, do it over time. Mix 1/3 new food with 2/3 old food, scale it up to 2/3 new with 1/3 old, and finally, to a full serving of new food.