Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, & Cat Care Services


A staple of Paws to Consider, we come to your house, take your dog out on a leash walk in your neighborhood, and provide your dog with personalized attention from his/her dog walker. The pace of the walk, greeting other dogs etc. is all customized to your dogs needs and behaviors.

After every walk your dogs water is refreshed, a daily note with the walk summary and GPS of the walk is sent to your inbox, and a treat is provided (at owners discretion), and if needed your dog is toweled dried and muddy paws are cleaned!


15 min. walk = $15
30 min. walk = $20
60 min. walk = $35


We provide cat care visits where we come into your home and put out wet and dry food per your instructions. We change the water with fresh daily. We scoop, clean and change liter and bring waste to an outside trash. After that is done we provide company and play time for your cat(s) for up to a half hour, depending upon how social your cat is. At the end of our visit we leave a note.


$18 Per Visit


We offer a pet sitting service where your dog walker will stay in your home overnight with your dog(s) and cat(s). Your pet sitter will bring in your mail, water plants and send you daily updates via e-mail or text (upon request).

Our dog pet sitting rate includes three dog walks daily, along with feeding and staying overnight (coming and going from your house for added home safety).


$80 Per Night


Need to get your dog to the local groomers? Paws has you covered! Let us know where you would like us to transport you dog, cat, or other furry critter to, and we'll get it done!


Price Based on Travel Distance

Every pet is unique, which is why Paws to Consider will always find time to schedule a free meet and greet for new clients so we can learn how to best provide care for your dog, cat, or furry friend!

Our Service Area

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