Bed Sharing with Your Pets

Bed Sharing with Your Pets My two dogs, Milo (a 50 lb Australian Cattle Dog) and Chompers (a 40lb Pittie) love cozying up to my partner and I! So it's no surprise that when we turn off the lights after a long day to get some shut eye, both dogs come clambering into bed with us! Milo is a foot sleeper and enjoys sprawling out at the end of the...

Why Do Dogs Pant?

Why Do Dogs Pant?Walking dogs day in and day out, Paws to Consider works with a lot of panting dogs! There are many reasons that a dog pants, and unlike people, dogs have a warm fur coat on at all times which often requires that they find a way to stay cool! Cooling down - Dogs don't sweat through their skin to cool off, so panting is a means for...

Our Dogs and Chewing

Our Dogs and ChewingDogs don't have opposable thumbs, so a lot of times when they interact with their environment, it is done through their mouths. At Paws to Consider we take your dogs safety seriously, which is why being aware of our surroundings is always important during dog walks as many dogs try to snatch up anything they find (sticks and...

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?At Paws to Consider taking care of your dog is our number one concern! While there is not a lot of grass in Boston, some of the areas we walk in, such as Jamaica Plain and West Roxbury happen to have a more rural feel with grass and vegetation as compared to much of Boston. While many of our dogs try to pick up whatever...

The Benefits of Walking your Dog

The Benefits of Walking your DogAt Paws to Consider, we understand the importance of walking your dog, not only is it a important physical activity but it also provides great mental stimulation as well! Dogs get many benefits out of using their sense of hearing and smelling outside the confines of your house, and so it is important to provide...

Introducing Two Dogs

Introducing Two DogsAt Paws to Consider we have plenty of dogs that make great pairs for our pack walks, and often times get specific requests to find walking companions for our clients! Pack walks have many benefits for you pup, which include providing a more stimulating walking experience, socialization, and you pup makes a new friend they get...

Senior Pets

Senior PetsAs a result of advancements in medical care, pets are now living longer lives than every before! But as pets get older they often require a higher level of care and attention. At Paws to Consider, we often get inquiries from new clients about providing check ins and short 15 minute walks for senior pets. Paws is happy to work with...

Dog Weight Loss

Dog Weight LossObesity is an epidemic here in the United States, this is true of both people and our furry four legged friends! Many clients at Paws to Consider originally contacted us to keep their dogs healthy and fit through regular daily dog walks, because a healthy dog is a happy dog! There are many risks associated with obesity in dogs,...

Puppy Care

Puppy CareAs dog walkers in Boston, we often get to work with a lot of puppies in our regular days. Puppies require extra care and attention to ensure that they are safe, as everything looks like food to a puppy! If your puppy ever has an upset stomach you might find this quick guide helpful: Puppies eat everything! Be sure to always watch your...

Doggie Vision

Doggie VisionThere are many myths about dog vision out there and at Paws to Consider, we like to stay knowledgeable on all pet facts! One of the biggest myths about dogs, is that they can't see color. In fact dogs can see in color, but the world is less colorful to a dog than it might be to a human. Rather than seeing a rainbow as we do, the...

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