Bed Sharing with Your Pets

My two dogs, Milo (a 50 lb Australian Cattle Dog) and Chompers (a 40lb Pittie) love cozying up to my partner and I! So it’s no surprise that when we turn off the lights after a long day to get some shut eye, both dogs come clambering into bed with us! Milo is a foot sleeper and enjoys sprawling out at the end of the bed. While this is convenient spatially, he always seems to nuzzle his way under our covers! Chompers on the other hand likes to squish herself between us at the top of the bed so she can share our pillows!
We were quite excited this week when we decided to upgrade from a queen sized mattress to a king. We figured a king would give us some extra space for the dogs to share. Despite the additional room, both dogs still ensure they are in contact with us at all times during the night. We’ve learned that having a larger bed doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have more room when sharing it with your pets!
Orienting yourself effectively can be a challenge, but there are many benefits to sharing your bed with a pet. In fact 50% of all pet owners share their bed with pets! The physical/psychological benefits of bed sharing are enjoyed by both human and pet, according to, here’s why:
Mental Health
Animals can help people deal help with long term mental issues by providing a sense of security and routine. It has also been shown that pets can reduce the number of outbursts with Alzheimer patients and benefit children with ADHD as well as autism
Reduced Stress
Studies show that having a pet nearby can be a great resource for support to reduce stress (which makes for a great nights rest)!
Reduces Heart Attack and Stroke
Having your dog around has also been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels as well as triglyceride levels.
Improved Mood
Pets have been shown to have a positive impact on mood and decrease anxiety levels.
As in many walks of life, having a pet around is mutually beneficial to both human and animal. This is why it’s no surprise that the same applies even when you are sleeping!

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