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Paws to Consider is a dog walking and pet sitting company that serves Brookline, MA and surrounding areas. We set a new standard when it comes to trusted care for your pet. Ever wonder exactly where your furry family member is being walked and what adventures he or she is up to? With Paws to Consider, you receive real-time updates after each outing including a GPS map of the walk route and photos. Our professional caring walkers pride themselves on providing complete transparency to our clients using the latest technology. We conveniently also enable you to schedule services and pay your bill online.

We understand that our Brookline clients lead busy lives and sometimes need a helping hand in pet care as well as peace of mind knowing their pet is safe and loved when they cannot be at home. That’s why in addition to dog walking we also provide cat care visits, overnight pet sitting, and pet transportation services.

For our dog walking services, a member of our team will meet with your dog for free to get to know them, their personality, needs, and environment. We can then pair your dog with the right walker so that all of their needs will be met with each visit. We actually pair each dog with not one but two walkers so that back-up care is always available.

We are fully bonded and insured, and a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). This national, non-profit pet setting association is dedicated to raising industry standards, a mission that we wholeheartedly believe in.

Contact us to learn more about what makes us a five-star dog walking company, and schedule a free meet and greet between us and your dog.


Just some of the pet care services we offer our Brookline clients:

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Just some of the pet care services we offer our Brookline clients:
A Modern Day Solution to Dog Walking For Residents of Brookline
Brookline Dog Walking Services
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Paws To Consider Brookline Reviews

We love Paws to Consider! When we first hired Paws to Consider, Joel came over personally to meet our active pup Boone. He built comfort and a relationship with us that we really appreciate. Boone has two regular walkers, and each walker has been personally introduced to Boone before entering our schedule. We really appreciate the communication and the care that has been taken to ensure that each walker is a great match for Boone. “

We use Paws to Consider for both regular walks and some last-minute walks. Joel and his team have been prompt and reliable for the regular walks, and really great about filling in the last-minute walks when we need them. The online interface is easy to use for scheduling and payment. We are so appreciative to hear how each walk goes in the follow-up email, which helps us know how Boone is doing during the day. Boone is tired and happy when we get home later in the day, which is the best sign that Paws to Consider does a great job. We give them our most enthusiastic recommendation!”    Annie Morgan

We have been using Paws To Consider as our dog walking service for over 3 years. They are terrific– reliable, user friendly, and great with our sweet but sometimes stubborn rescue hound Suri. Paws has been a godsend to us and Suri gets very excited when she hears the front door open at walk time.”    Nancy D.

Regardless whether you are going on a business trip, away on holiday, or it is simply a normal day at work, Paws to Consider is on hand to walk, play, feed, and of course cuddle your precious pets. We are proud to offer you total reassurance that your pets are getting loads of love and affection while you’re away, from the number 1 dog walkers in Brookline (playtime and belly rubs guaranteed)!

Founded in 2002, Paws to Consider has for more than sixteen years been walking your dogs, and with our team of dog walking professionals, Paws has continued to provide an outstanding pet care and dog walking service in West Roxbury, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury, Brookline, and Allston.

Focusing on attention to detail, reliability, and quality, Paws is always prepared to go above and beyond to make certain your furry friend enjoys a fantastic walk. Paws to Consider is properly bonded and insured and our group of walkers are fully experienced, vetted, background checked and trained to cope with all situations and dog breed. Each customer is designated a principal and support walker to guarantee availability for walks, and for the dog walker to build up a strong connection and relationship with your furry friend.

A Modern Day Solution to Dog Walking For Residents of Brookline

Have you needed to use a dog walker but were stressing over exactly where your furry friend will go and what antics they will get up to? How can you be certain if the walker can be trusted to properly care for your dog and keep them safe? When using Paws to Consider, you will always be in the know when you use us to walk your pet or sit your dog. We are proud to provide a five star service by sending our clients live updates and photographs each and every time that we’re looking after their pets. We are even able to provide your dog’s GPS route while on its walk round Brookline, so that you will know precisely where they got their latest workout!

Paws to Consider was established in 2002, with a mission to stand above the other Brookline dog walking and pet sitting services, by offering up total transparency to dog and pet owners. Our clients (and their pets!) appreciated our approach to such a degree that we’re spreading into new neighborhoods and towns as we speak. We’re fully bonded and insured, and are now affiliated with the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS). Our dog sitters and walkers are from a mixture of backgrounds, yet they all share one thing in common: they’re passionate about dogs.

All of our walkers and sitters have been cautiously trained and vetted so that they can control any breed or size of dog. As a new client, we’ll book a free meeting at your home in Brookline including one of our team, you and your pet. Considering that every pet is unique, they’ll make time to get to know your pet, their likes and dislikes, their environment, and their personality. This lets us to match up your furry friend with one of our dog walkers who knows their needs. Actually, we will even go so far as to pair your dog more than one walker so that you never get a gap in the services.

In addition we offer every single owner the cabability to pay their bill and book in services on the internet. The following is a review of the services offered.

Brookline Dog Walking Services

We offer 3 walk durations and prices (fifteen minute, thirty minute and sixty minute walks) to help you to pick out the appropriate option for your dog. We come straight to your home and take your canine friend on a leashed walk around and about your local area, which is logged via a GPS tracking of the route taken. The pacing and interaction with other dogs can be personalized based on the behavior and needs of the dog.

Our walker will refill your dog’s water supply once back at the house and then send out a detailed daily record which includes the GPS route and the walk summary immediately to your inbox. We can also tell you if the dog needed their paws wiped clean or had a towelling off on a rainy day. Needless to say, your dog can also be handed a treat (if permission is granted), pats, tummy rubs, and lots of fussing! Owners wanting walks on all five workdays, can receive a discounted rate.

Cat Care Visits in Brookline

Kitties deserve care and company too if their owners are not at home. In our cat care visits we include putting out new wet and dry food based on your instructions, replenishing their water bowl, and cleaning out the cat litter box and taking the waste to the outside trash bin. Based upon exactly how social your cat happens to be, we’ll keep them company and play with them for up to half an hour. Our cat care visitors invariably finish each cat visit by leaving you a note telling you about how your cat is behaving as well as any information you should be aware of.

Pet Sitting in Brookline, MA

Leaving Brookline for a while and looking for somebody to keep your pet company whilst you are away from home? Our handy pet sitting services deliver reassurance, when you know that somebody you can rely on is in your house tending to your pet and making sure they are happy. We shall stay in your home over night along with your pets and will always walk your dog (or dogs) three times per day. If requested, our pet sitters can even water the plants, collect any mail, and through daily texts and emails, keep you up to date with how your pet is faring.

Pet Transport Brookline

Also, we can transfer your pet to the groomer or vet and back to your Brookline home, if you are unable to do so. This is a service that can be for your cat, dog, or another pet. Rates depend upon exactly where the pet is to be transported to.

We at Paws to Consider have long been elevating the quality of Brookline dog walking and sitting services by making certain dogs and other pets are looked after while keeping their owners informed at all times. It matters not whether you require someone to care for your pet for long periods when you are traveling, or daily during work time, we are available and waiting to help you and your pet. Contact us to learn more about our unique services and hopefully to schedule a free meet and greet between us and your dog.

About Brookline, MA

The Town of Brookline, MA, is home to over 59,000 residents who love the convenience of bordering Boston while having a more suburban feel. Brookline never ceases to attract people, with impressively high real estate prices to prove the point. And who’d resist the temptation to move to a safe yet lively suburb? You don’t want to leave your camera behind if you’re walking or driving through the neighborhood. There’s too much to see, so much so you’ll need to snap some shots for keep.

If you run into a neighbor, you’ll feel welcomed; the community here has a way of keeping you smiling. Larz Anderson Park and plenty others are the kinds of places you don’t want to miss during your leisure time. Also, grab something delicious at some of the restaurants like the Brothers’ Restaurant. The local cuisines are impeccable. Don’t get it wrong; Brookline is not all about great weather, parks, and food. Property value in the suburb is ridiculously reasonable. So, owning a home and having a good time in the suburb should top your to-do list in Brookline.

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Paws To Consider supports clients throughout all of Brookline, Massachusetts, including the following zip codes: 02445, 02446, 02447, 02467. Click here to return to our service area page.

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We provide service to our clients 7 days a week and will be there when you can’t, to love your pet (almost) as much as you do! Paws to Consider is fully insured and bonded, and a proud member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS).

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