Brushing Your Dogs Teeth

You brush your teeth all the time – ever wonder if you should do so for your dog? At Paws to Consider our specialty may be dog walking, but we get all sorts of dog related questions! The answer; maybe not several times a day…but yes! Dogs should get their teeth cleaned more than a few times a year to prevent dental problems. They can get gum disease, infections, etc. from plaque buildups. Plus, their breath will be very smelly – it’s not ideal for puppy kisses! Many vets, groomers, etc. will offer this service but you can do it at home. There are dog toothbrushes – childrens toothbrushes work, as they have softer bristles – and dog toothpastes too. Use the dog toothpaste because human toothpastes come with chemicals that you do not want your dog to ingest or have an allergic reaction to. This process only has to take 2 or 3 minutes and you definitely don’t have to do it every day to keep your dogs teeth in good condition! Throw in a dental toy or dental formula dog treat for good measure!