Dog Barking and Dog Walking

At Paws to Consider our dog walkers work with 6-8 dogs every day from all over Boston (Jamaica Plain, Brookline, West Roxbury, Roxbury, Roslindale, and Mission Hill) and communication with each dog is important in building the dog-dog walker bond! Each dog has a unique voice, but there are many commonalities among the various types of dogs barks. Here is a list of reasons for dog barking:

Territorial Barking – Often times barking in response to people, dogs or animals within or around a dogs territory

Alarm Barking – Often in response to noises and sounds to alert you

Attention Seeking Barking – To gain attention or rewards, such as food or toys

Greeting Barking – Greeting people or other dogs, often done with excitement

Socially Facilitated Barking – Barking in response to other dogs barking, often occurs in a social context

Frustration Induced Barking – When placed in a frustrating situation, such as not being able to access playmates or being confined

As dog walkers we deal with all sorts of barks everyday, and being able to better understand a dogs bark can help you better communicate with the pup!