Doggie Vision

There are many myths about dog vision out there and at Paws to Consider, we like to stay knowledgeable on all pet facts! One of the biggest myths about dogs, is that they can’t see color. In fact dogs can see in color, but the world is less colorful to a dog than it might be to a human.

Rather than seeing a rainbow as we do, the spectrum of light that they see is far less. Dog eyesight is also less sensitive to changes in brightness and so dogs have a difficult time distinguishing between different variations or shades of gray.

As it turns out dog eyesight is also more nearsighted than humans, meaning like an individual who must wear glasses to see things far away, dogs also have trouble seeing distance. Where dogs really excel is their sense of smell, in fact dogs perceive the world in many ways humans can’t, through scent! This is why when you take your dog out for a walk (or use your local dog walker), he/she is going to be very interested in all the smells around them and in fact will be getting information humans can’t through their noses! A smell break is an important part of any dog walk!


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