A Dog Walkers Guide to Dog Nutrition

At Paws to Consider, part of our dog walkers job often times entails making sure that your dog gets a proper meal! Whether we're pet sitting or just providing general care with our dog walks,  we don't charge extra to ensure your dog is getting all the nutrients he or she may need, which is why we think it's important to understand your dogs...

Halloween with Paws

Halloween with Paws This Halloween Paws to Consider will be hosting a dog costume contest in Mission Hill (Boston). While our dog walkers will not be in costume on Halloween (at least during our regularly scheduled dog walks), we will still be walking with Halloween spirit and hope to see many dogs dressed in their spookiest...

Dog Joint Pain

Dog Joint Pain Joint issues are something that many of us experience with age. Sometimes it’s just a little bit of stiffness in the morning, other times it’s a step beyond that into intense aches and pains. As dogs age, they also experience these pains, something we at Paws to Consider must help manage for the dogs we walk. It’s...

Raw Dog Food

In the wild, we’re told, everything eats raw meat. Does that mean we should feed it to our dogs instead of the prepared food in ads? Maybe (more explained below). At Paws to Consider we are sure to fulfill all of you pups dietary needs complimentary, as part of our dog walks and all pet-sitting services (as directed by the dog owner of course)....

Dog Food

At Paws to Consider refreshing your dogs water or providing him/her with a meal or snack is often part of the job! We are happy to offer this as a complementary aspect to any dog walks or pet sitting your require! So what’s the best dog food? It depends on the dog! This is a tricky question. Different dogs like different flavors and have...

Brushing Your Dogs Teeth

Brushing Your Dogs Teeth You brush your teeth all the time – ever wonder if you should do so for your dog? At Paws to Consider our specialty may be dog walking, but we get all sorts of dog related questions! The answer; maybe not several times a day…but yes! Dogs should get their teeth cleaned more than a few times a year to prevent...

Dog Walking Tips For All

Dog Walking Tips For All Whether you just adopted your first dog, or you are an experienced dog walker, there are many ways to ensure your dog gets both a safe and stimulating walk! Dog walking is an important aspect to maintaining a healthy dog, so make sure you keep your pup on a reliable walk schedule (or hire a...

Dog Beds

Dog Beds Our dogs all have a home within our home. At Paws to Consider that's often exactly where we find our dogs when we open the door for their daily dog walk! They have dog beds and crates that they’re comfortable and happy in. They feel safe going to their dog houses when they’re in trouble, when there are storms, when they’re...

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming At Paws to Consider we don't offer grooming, but we can always walk your dog to the local groomer for you! So is grooming worth the money? Well there are plenty of things to consider – how clean or ‘presentable’ you want your dog to be, the breed, how often they walk and on what surfaces, weather, etc. Most people can...

Dog Walking Tips of the Trade!

Dog Walking Tips of the Trade! As Boston's premiere dog walking service (serving Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, Roxbury, West Roxbury, Brookline & Roslindale predominantly), it's incumbent upon us to ensure your dogs safety, while also providing for a fun and engaging environment during dog walks! Here are some quick tips to make...



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