Dog Dental Health

Taking care of your dogs teeth is important to maintaining a healthy dog. Paws to Consider walks dogs everyday, and knows that a healthy dog is a happy dog! What are the best way to ensure my dog has a healthy smile?

Get Used To Tooth Care

Make sure your dog is accustomed to having their teeth brushed at home, if you are not comfortable brushing your dogs teeth, find a local shop or groomer that can do it for you. Ensure you use toothpaste that is specially formulated for dogs.

Avoid Human Toothpaste

Never use toothpaste made for humans, pets may swallow rather than spit out the toothpaste which can cause an upset stomach.

Tooth-Friendly Dog Foods

Dry and/or crunchy foods can often be helpful in maintaining clean teeth. As the food particles from the dry food are chewed, they scrape against the teeth, acting like a toothbrush to help remove plaque.

Please also see Brushing Your Dogs Teeth for more information.


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